• 2014 company reel

crankyfish is a high flying, low riding, all service production house with a never-blinking eye on strategy and story.

Working hand in fin with clients, we bring talented mavericks and strategic thinking to bear on your specific challenges. Blending logic and imagination, we develop captivating stories, lovingly honed to meet your needs and striking content, sharper than a father’s disappointment. Then we execute strategic concepts creatively, with bravery, precision and swagger.

We see it as a never ending love story between the left and right side of brain that spawns beautiful, clever content, with a little bit of ‘tiger’.




Together, we work through your risks, opportunities and objectives. We think about your market, trends and distribution mechanics. Then we help you to figure out where you need to meet your people, where you want to take them and what’s the gift at the heart of your content that’s going to lead them there.


By embedding our team’s knowledge of audience, style and structure into your creative process, we’ll help you to unearth the human narrative at the heart of what you do. Then we’ll use this gem to transform your strategy into a compelling story that speaks to the narrative instincts of today’s increasingly evasive audiences, in a language they know and love. Story.


Our experienced in-house team is supported by a deep and unfailing network of talented creatives. Working collaboratively, we enhance concepts with clients, manage budgets transparently and deliver projects as an essential member of your team, with a genuine commitment to your success and a focus on creating a long-term content partnership.


Great content is all about finding that diabolical itch your audience wants you to scratch. So we work with you to strip back the noise, cut the clutter, grab a spatula and give that sweet spot an exacting little scratch.


In an age when content is king, the people’s attention span is a rapidly declining treasury. What’s that you say: the revolution’s here with a battle cry for more engaging stories? Well, we bring a wealth of storytelling talent and an arsenal of tasty cinematic treats, to butter your bread and feed today’s discerning masses exactly what they hunger for: Short, sharp tales. Powerful in the telling.


When it comes to film production, great quality ain’t about cost. It’s about collaboration. When others say, “How long is a piece of string?” We say, “We get it, there’s a delicate tightrope between your aspirations and overspending tiger. So let’s work as a team, find the balance and walk the stratospheric heights of quality together where good content sings like angels in choir.


Jonathon Dutton | Producer / Director

Jonathon founded crankyfish in 2006 and regularly throws lattes at interns. He has produced and/or directed a wide range of doco, TVC and branded content projects for leading agencies and brands. He also directs network TV drama and was recently nominated by the Australian Directors Guild for Best Direction in a Serial Drama. Creatively, he’s forever developing original short and feature film projects in Asia, but we’re not entirely convinced that it’s anything more than a tax write off.

Julian V. Costanzo | Producer

Julian holds ten years experience as a producer and production manager in TV, film and advertising. He has produced ten short films, three of which have been selected for Tropfest including the winning film in 2012. Last year he was selected by SPAA as one of twenty producers representing the next generation of the industry – and now it’s time for him to deliver damn it.

AB Smith | Strategy / Writer / Dragon

AB is a multidisciplinary writer who creates original film projects and also consults to major corporates and brands on multi billion dollar deals. With unique skills in strategy, media and story design, AB brings a deep understanding of big clients, what they need, and how to get sharper definition out of creative briefs. He can also be wildly inappropriate and claim that
its strategy.

Roberto Salvatore | Sound Designer / Video Editor / Producer

Roberto Salvatore is a producer, video editor, sound designer, composer, mixer and recordist. This vast skillset brings a rich bed of storytelling techniques and in addition to his extensive work as a freelancer, Roberto has held full time positions at the award winning post facility SoundWaves and ACMI in both content development and AV services. Roberto also has a very long list of projects that have been screened and awarded at international film and arts festivals. He also lets us rub his beautiful baldhead for luck.

Sean McPhillips | Producer / DOP / Editor

With over twenty years experience, Sean specialises in creating high-quality documentaries, corporate films and educational content that capture individual perspectives on big ideas.
He has delivered projects for some of Australia’s largest companies, high profile brands, government departments, universities and NGOs – and he’s pretty much the nicest guy
of us all.

Carl J. Sorheim | Writer / Director

Carl is a multifaceted writer, director, journalist and actor. Carl has written and/or directed a dearth of award winning creative projects in the short film and online space. Carl’s knowledge of factual, comedy, drama and short form storytelling brings a sharp creative edge to projects. Of Carl’s ideas, 9 out of 10 are brilliant, the other never leaves the room.

James Harris | Production Manager / Editor

James is a talented young filmmaker who has created some terrific online, film, documentary and promotional projects. He has also directed two theatre productions and graduated film school… the only one among us. James is a Pom (Objection! Relevance? Sustained). After volunteering on one of our shorts, we knew we couldn’t survive without him, so now we are exploiting his talent as ‘sportingly’ as possible.

Mark Hughes & Jeremy Stanley | 3D / Motion Graphic Gurus

Mark and Jezz hold over 20 years of combined experience in 3D / motion graphics design, modelling, texturing, animation, lighting, rendering, compositing and visual alchemy. Working in the dark corners of dark rooms, they create rich and luminescent imagery that has literally… never been seen before. These guys can bring anything we can imagine to life because they truly are the bees knees – and if you’re struggling to conjure what a bees knee looks like, well, they can give you a mock up.